Egyptian Ella (2nd Verse)

Band Vocal

When the first sweet notes of the music sound

The boys all gather from miles around

Just to see Egyptian Ella


And folks all know when those caravans

Start pouring in from desert sands

That it must be Egyptian Ella


Then Mister Sphinx sits up and blinks

Thereís so much to see

She squirms and shakes so the worms and snakes

All bite themselves with jealousy


Sheís a great big gal in a great big land

And the boys all give her a great big hand

How they love Egyptian Ella


Egyptian Ella (3rd Verse)

The boys hang a round but she plainly states

She doesnít care a fig about dates

And they canít make Egyptian Ella


A sheik tried to kidnap her once Iím told

But she shook so much that he lost his hold

He couldnít hold Egyptian Ella


So the Pasha wrote her a royal note

With his royal fist

It said because of the dance she does

Sheís in his royal waiting list


And thatís how fame of a different sort

Has come at last from an indoor sport

To our own Egyptian Ella